Microbial Biotechnology

Microbial Biotechnology can be defined the aspect of biotechnology which generally involves the use of the microorganisms or their products. Microbial biotechnology can also be referred to as industrial microbiology because of its new discoveries made in the field of genetic engineering. Microbiology in industrial aspect was initially established for the alcoholic fermentation process to produce wine and beer, and later it was used for microbial production of antibiotics, enzymes, butanol, citric acids etc. Recent research has shown that microbial biotechnology plays major important role in improved vaccine production, animal microbiology, plant biotechnology and disease-diagnostic tools.

  • Track 1-1 Microbial engineering
  • Track 2-2 Detection and identification
  • Track 3-3 Study of microbes
  • Track 4-4 Metabolic pathway
  • Track 5-5 Microbial products
  • Track 6-6 Microbe-Human interactions
  • Track 7-7 Bioremediation and biomining
  • Track 8-8 Enzymes and specific biochemical pathways
  • Track 9-9 Microbial physiology
  • Track 10-10 Future bioindustries

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