Speaker Biography

Subhajit Das

Dr. Subhajit Das has his expertise in exploration of soil enzyme activity, microbial activity relating it to the biogeochemical cycles in the Sundarban mangrove ecosystem India. He is recently focused his research on phytoplankton dynamics and nitrogen cycles in the coastal water of Hooghly estuary, West Bengal, India. Population of coli form bacteria and their salt tolerance nature is also a part of his present research.


Population of total coliform and fecal coliform bacteria was monitored both spatially and seasonally from the Hooghly estuarine water for assessing their salt tolerance ability. The coliform bacteria isolated were allowed to grow in different saline medium and our study revealed that both total and fecal coliform bacteria could tolerate maximum salinity of 30 psu. Physic- chemical parameters of estuarine water showed a significant control over the population of coliform bacteria. Human activity, rather than monsoonal cycle, was found to be more effective parameter to control population of coliform bacteria in the Hooghly estuarine water of West Bengal, India.