Speaker Biography

Simon Raymond

Alumnus of Melbourne University, Australia

Title: Key Areas of Modern society

Simon Raymond

Simon Raymond is a Consultant specialising in Medical and Scientific Research and an Alumnus of Melbourne University (Rank of Number 1 in Australia and Number 33 in the World). The above stated Researcher has acted as a Reviewer for the respected Medical Journal of Australia, has received invitations internationally to review from prestigious medical journals including Journal of American Medical Association Network. He has received award in recognition of his research by Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (PSC, 2006) and invited to conferences internationally as an official Delegate and Researcher, including that in USA and China. He has worked as the Principle Researcher in the highest-powered form of medical trial—Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT). The above stated Researcher is also a Member of the Golden Key International Society for Honoured and outstanding Academics and has been cited as a Notable Global Leader.



  1. Developing and advancing the practice of Medicine & Surgery
  •             Application of Quantum Physics to Medicine and Surgery

This introduces advanced physics to medicine and surgery.  Previously, medicine and surgery contained basic core combined physics and biology in the form of the subject physiology.  This is discussed further in:


Intellectual property (IP) is one of the most important resources in modern society. 

IP offences are becoming recognized as some of the most important of modern offences.  Copying of neurology and related offences may become important future offences.  Copying genetic information also is obviously noteworthy. 


Infectious disease issues are reported by UN to represent a key area of interest globally.  The current author has been conducting research directed at developing site attachment inhibition therapeutics. Awareness of computers, findings that support awarness of infective agent is another area of interest. Education is also another key area regarding the development of modern society.

In summary,

This presentation details what appear to be the most relevant areas of modern Medicine, Law, and Society.