Speaker Biography

Marcin Lukaszewicz

Marcin Lukaszewicz is working as Associate Professor in the department of Biotransformations, University of Wroclaw, Poland. He is involved in field of biotransformations. He has dome many projects related to his feild of interest and is currently involved in biotransformations from bacteria.


The most effective holistic approach of circular economy based on biotransformation of the agricultural biomass, which has been developed in the last few years, is the concept of biorefineries. In the biorefinery approach assuming zero waste, each process stream is exploited to the full through careful fractionation to produce commercially valuable products or through reuse of by-products and wastes. The biorefinery approach has already been introduced to this area through a consideration of biodiesel and bioethanol, but very interesting seems multitude of other application especially in green chemistry to obtain high value added compounds. The main objective of the recent study is construction of demonstration plant focused on possibilities using GRAS microorganisms such as Bacillus subtilis in biotransformation meal remaining after oil extraction from oilseeds and subsequent fractionation. The realisation of the demonstration biorefinery requires multidisciplinary approach and development of several dedicated methods such as solid state fermentation (SSF), fractionation using ecologically friendly solvents such as super critical carbon dioxide, centrifugal partition chromatography. Recent advances of the project will be presented.