Speaker Biography

Dr.Dilip N Zaveri

Biocare Research India Pvt Ltd, India

Title: Bacterial Drug Resistance: Where do we stand?

Dr.Dilip N Zaveri

Dr Dilip Zaveri has more than 30 years of experience as Clinical Microbiologist. Along with that he has been involved in research and development with various national and international NGOs. He has completed more than 19 research projects (Base line biological surveys / conducted all over India, and abroad), training, teaching, publications, presentations etc. in various capacities. Dr Dilip N Zaveri has not only established Biocare Research (I) Pvt. Ltd., but he is also associated with it since inceptions from 1992 to till now as its Director and Chairman of Biocare Group.


Despite advancements in hygiene and technology one of the major challenges faced by health care sector is to prevent, identify and treat multidrug resistant infections with reference to hospital acquired infections. Among all types of nosocomial infections the major threat is the silent spread of colonizing multidrug resistant pathogens from patient to patient via various sources. Pathogens associated with nosocomial infections are either of endogenous or exogenous in sources. They come in to hospital circulation post surgery, chemotherapy or other such medical intervention. Regional genetic study based on resistance mechanism is very important to understand multidrug resistance pattern of prevailing organisms. Further these kind of information helps to understand how acquisition of genes mediating resistance against different classes of antibiotics along with the resistance to bacteriotoxic environmental conditions such as exposition towards heavy metals or disinfectants can be studied. Our study focuses on surveillance of multidrug resistant strains from the members of the group Enterobacteriaceae (ESBL-E) which has affected healthcare and community settings adversely.